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warrior for compassion
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Dear Lover
November 02014. Blissed out house. 163Mb (1h 26m) mp3. [set list]
Defy Gravity, YxYY14
July 02014. Poolside in Palm Springs. People applauded at one point. 193Mb (1h 45m) mp3. [set list]
March 02014. Woke a sleepy 2:30am dance floor right the heck back up and had a blast with this one. Some house, some really tasty new ecstastic crunch bass, maybe one too many remixes, a little Yo-Yo Ma and a couple of tech glitches. 120Mb mp3. [set list]
Thin Mint Fondue
February 02014. One of those dipping the thin mints into the chocolate fondue kind of nights. 108Mb mp3. [set list]
Deep Grain of Love
02013. Inspired by ecstatic dance, the poetry of David Whyte and by all warriors for self-compassion. 127Mb mp3.
Adjacent Possible
Spring 02012, fun crunchy glitchy funky stuff. 79Mb mp3.
Ain't Got So Far To Go
January 02009, demo set for Netroots Nation's Obama Inauguration Party. 106Mb mp3.
Deradicalize Love
Spring 02009, houseytrancey. 129.5Mb, 160kbps mp3.
Atha One
February 02006, ambient/strange/epiphanic mix, inspired by a friend. 65.1Mb mp3.
untitled morning set, bianca's
Burning Man 01999, houseytrancey into ambient/strange/pretty. 102.3b mp3.